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« on: September 08, 2010, 08:08:10 am »
A wee story rekindled about the Stoat &  Rabbit..

This story has been witnessed by me twice, the first time I witnessed it happen, the first Rabbit was killed.

The second time, the Rabbit was very lucky to escape, it was saved by a passing car, the Stoat fled the scene..

The Stoat..

What happened was, I was going home after my day out, and I happened to look in my rear view mirror, and seen a Rabbit running across the road followed closely by a Stoat, the Stoat tackled the Rabbit..

I parked my car on the verge, and took these photos..

The Stoat was trying to get the Rabbit by the neck..

Then a passing car intervened by just missing the pair..

The Stoat left the Rabbit, and scarpered into the nearby field..

The Rabbit after  about a couple of mins, ran in the opposite direction after being narrowly missed by another car..


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