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Hungry Otters.
« on: December 27, 2010, 06:43:52 am »
I heard last night a report in da Shetland Times.. A wifie noticed, what she thought wiz one o her cats going into her hoose via the catflap, she followed, and discovered an Otter in her hoose, eating oot o her cat dish, da otter looked at her ,then ignored her..
her three cats were huddled at da back o da hoose looking feart o the otter,
                                                                                                             She then got a box o frozen fish fingers oot o her freezer, and defrosted dem, and fed da otter, wan o da cats then fled up da stairs, obviously feart it might be next on da menu..

 Dis wiz at da brig o waas..

Then yesterday on facebook, a friend o mine frae Brae village, found otter tracks at da Mavis Grind narrows, this wiz his account..

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