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« on: November 11, 2010, 08:38:01 am »
I was on holiday in Argyll this year, I was told by a friend that a pair of Ospreys were nesting at Lochaweside, but where, I did'nt know..

So I set out to find them.. I was heading for the south shore of the loch, when I was stopped by a police officer, he told me that the road was closed.. A train was derailed at the Ben Cruachan hollow mountain tearoom, so I had to turn back..

I set off for the Kilchrenan road which led to the north side of the loch..

After a few miles, I thought I spotted a likely looking large nest at the top of a pine tree..

So, I set up my camera and tripod and waited, I did'nt have to wait long, as an Osprey started to circle the nest, then landed on it..

This pix shows it landing on an ajoining dead pine..

Carrying nesting material..

Circling above..

On another pine tree.

As an aside, this is what I really would have liked to get, a Pine Marten..

Unfortunatly I did'nt see any, but my friend on Lochawesde gets them almost every night, of course, not on the night I was there.. So here is one of Alisons pictures of one of a family of four, begging for marmalade at her window..

Alisons picture..


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