Author Topic: Sei-whale September 2011.  (Read 231 times)


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Sei-whale September 2011.
« on: February 18, 2012, 09:28:36 am »
I've been asked to write a blog about the Sei-whale
seen in September 2011..

In the morning of the sighting I got a phone call from
one of my sons, he said there was a Basking Shark in
Firth Voe..

I made my way to Firth Voe, and I seen it right away, at
first I thought it was a Minke Whale, I took a few pictures of it,
then went back to my house to report it on twitter and on
Hugh Harrops facebook page..

Unfortunatly Hugh Harrop was over in Canada on holiday..

I then made my way back to Firth Voe and seen it close in to the

So I attached my camera to my tripod and made my way down to the shore,
taking pictures of it on the way down..

The Sei-Whale was feeding in a clockward direction, often lunging on its side.

Then it was feeding upright.

It was very fast in the water but it never breached or showed its tail fluke.

I was joined by Austin Taylor another photographer. He got lots of pictures also..

Later on I edited my pictures and copied them onto a memory-stick, I took them
to Neil Anderson and gave him the memory-stick, later on I got a phone call from
Neil he was certain the whale was not a Minke but a Sei-Whale he also told me that the Whale
had a harpoon stuck in its head [which I missed]


The last reported sighting in Shetland waters was I believe 1993, and as far as I know its
only the third sighting seen..

To go back to the start of this blog. There was a Basking Shark in the Voe at the same time
as the Sei-Whale..

Other pictures of the Whale..

The person who asked me to write this blog was Mark Chapman the recorder for the RSPB..


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