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Yearly medical..
« on: August 26, 2010, 01:53:48 pm »
Well it was that time of year again..

So I went to see the nurse at Brae medical centre..

The blood pressure was normal..

Then she said to me, i'll need a few blood samples from you, I said, aye, that will be right..
she said, your've nothing to worry about, and she produced the most enormous syringe i've ever seen, when I woke up after fainting, I discovered I was strapped into the chair..

Then Cruelly smiled craftily at me.. and put the dam thing right into the hilt..

but she had the decency to wipe the tears away from my eyes..

Then she removed the plaster from my mouth, and I screamed and screamed..

Then she unlocked the padlock and removed the chains..

Then she weighed me, it was normal, [ i'm as thin as a beanpole ]

Then she tried to humour me by talking about my website, this put me in a better mood..

The verdict=== She said I was fitter than last year.. so I left in good humour..

So next year i'll be looking forward to be another year younger..  ;D

Facts- The medical was real.. my story was a lot of rubbish..


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